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Appraiser Services

Because you and your insurance company may not always see eye-to-eye on the estimation of your loss, you or your insurer may invoke the appraisal per your policy contract. Typically, before the appraisal process begins the scope and nature of the loss have been determined; therefore the invocation of the appraisal is to settle the dispute of the valuation/estimation of the claim. Since the appraisal process is legal and binding it is important that this processes is well understood. A trusted and experienced public adjuster can help to clarify your rights and options as a consumer. 

Adjuster Pro Services is a top public adjusting firm offering insurance appraiser services. If you’re looking for an appraiser, contact Adjuster Pro Services for a consultation! Our team provides premium insurance appraiser services for people involved in claim disputes with their insurance companies for a wide array of covered loss claim types. 

Assessing Insurance Claim Damages

When it comes to assessing insurance claim damages, our philosophy is straightforward and to the point: It is what it is. At Adjuster Pro Services, we know that if resulting damages to property covered by an insurance policy are able to be repaired, then you should go ahead and repair it. As the policy states, however, if this is not the case, then the property needs to be replaced. Essentially, the damage needs to be treated like what it really is. In many different circumstances, both policyholders and insurance companies may be unreasonable regarding what should be replaced or what can be repaired. We believe the repair or replacement needs to be real, the work and materials used should be replaced with that of materials of the same type and quality, and the work should be done by a competent and professional repair contractor. 

How The Appraisal Process Works

Under the appraisal process, the property owner is allowed to bring in an independent insurance appraiser to figure out the scope and value of the insurance claim. Moreover, your insurance company will also choose its own appraiser. Throughout the appraisal process, both the appraiser of your insurance company and your independent appraiser will choose and agree on a neutral umpire to act as a “judge,” or arbiter, if there is a dispute over certain valuations. The neutral umpire ultimately has final say.

Our Insurance Appraiser Services

  • We thoroughly analyze and appraise all claim-related materials and evidence.
  • We re-investigate the damages in question with the latest technology.
  • We formulate our independent assessments of damage and support our estimates with investigation and analysis.
  • We consult with engineers, contractors, and other professionals to ensure that we have all of the data needed to support our claim presentation.
  • We act as your chosen insurance appraiser

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At Adjuster Pro Services, we work hand-in-hand with experienced property damage appraisers and public adjusters and work with you as your insurance appraiser as you go through the appraisal process.

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